You need to prepare, listen and engage.-Charlie Rose I’ve met a lot of incredibly successful, accomplished and well-known people. In some cases, I’ve even worked with them. This is one of the huge perks of working with Ron Conway, who I put in this bucket. (Incidentally, this sounds like a nested humblebrag but just because […]

Cheap Data

I went to a tech talk last night called “Genomics at Web Scale.” at Counsyl. [SV Angel is an investor in Counsyl.] The following is above my pay grade to critique but here goes. There’s a strain of thought in computer science that “data beats algorithms.” That is, having more data is better than having […]

It’s business, man

Yesterday was a depressing day for me. I’ve been a fan of the New England Patriots (and other Boston sports teams) for over 30 years. And I just can’t root for them anymore. [Endnote] Putting aside the fact that no grown-ass man should be this depressed about a sporting event, it’s a cold, hard reminder […]

Operating Leverage

I’m not a finance guy. Which is pretty scary given that I’m theoretically in the “finance profession.” I didn’t even take a single economics class in college. I faked-it-until-I-maked-it and just tried to learn on the job. Probably the useful concept for me in the context of tech was the notion of “operating leverage.” It […]

Making Decisions

I’m not a big believer in post-mortem analysis. It’s very hard to do it without infecting analysis with what you know now. For example, when it comes to “misses” in startup investing, one often looks at where “things went wrong.” But maybe nothing went wrong. Maybe you created a systematic plan and process, executed the […]