Google Trends and Gun Safety

My favorite analytics tool for tech is Google Trends. It was formerly known as “Google Insights for Search” and it shows how many people search for certain terms over time. We use it at SV Angel when doing diligence on an investment opportunity. I prefer this to free tools like Compete and Alexa because those […]

Another Financing Risk

This post is designed mainly for companies raising their first seed or VC round of $500K-1 M and have multiple entities who want to fund them. In the past year, we’ve tried to help many companies with acquisitions – specifically when they are running low on cash and are unable to raise more. For a […]

A Business Case for “Putting Customers First”

One of the few things that actually stuck with me from law school was the concept of “maximizing shareholder value.” The basic idea was that the corporation exists solely to maximize shareholder value, i.e., profit. It argued that as among the interests of shareholders, employees and customers, the shareholders’ interests ruled the roost. Whenever there […]

Residual Information

I was floored when I read this account from Josh Koppelman. Josh talks about how Best Buy mistreated one of its portfolio companies in the most egregious way. Fortunately the company – or at least, the plaintiffs – prevailed. I’ve always thought that people and companies don’t knowingly and willfully misappropriate, i.e., steal. That a […]