New York State of Mind

Some lingering thoughts from our trip to NYC last week: I love Locanda Verde. One of my favorite new restaurants. Partly owned by Robert DeNiro, my favorite actor. Even better.Some of SV Angel’s biggest “winners” will come from NYC. But I wouldn’t be surprised if our biggest winner in the next few years hails from […]

The Best Thing I’ve Read in 5 Years

I’ve read a lot on investing and startups since I started about 5 years ago. Along with Fooled by Randomness, this is my favorite piece that I’ve read on business and putting things in perspective: The Trap of Marginal Thinking by Clayton Christenson. Some excerpts: The language of the disruptive attackers was completely different: “It’s […]

Have you thought about gaming Twitter?

This was stuck as a draft. In light of posts like this and this, it feels stale already. But, I thought I’d publish anyway. A prominent VC asked an SV Angel portfolio founder this question in a pitch. It was in the context of acquiring users. Now I’m no Mike Moritz when it comes to […]

Getting Featured

Getting “featured” in the iTunes App Store or Google Play is a boon for any mobile app. It can lead to thousands or even millions of downloads in a matter of weeks. Even better, it can zoom an app to the top of the “Top” charts (most downloaded, most favorited, etc.). Therefore startups naturally covet […]

Fit and Finish

Originally written on 1.3.12 I wrote earlier about how we observed virtually unprecedented exponential growth from companies in the past few years and how some start-ups in the consumer world leveraged the concept of the ‘atomic unit’ or ‘trivial gesture’ to achieve this growth. We also observed another common characteristic or trend in apps/services that […]

Follow Your Interest

I talk to a lot of young people about career advice. I used to tell them to “follow their passion.” I now think that’s not the best advice. Or at least, not the most practical. I think it’s too stressful. There are very few people who are lucky enough to “follow their passion.” If I […]

Getting Older

Originally written on 3/29/12. Source: via David on Pinterest I came across this great quote on Pinterest and it really struck a nerve with me. When I was 25, I had Hodgkin’s Disease, a form of lymphoma (or the “Good Hodgkin’s”, as Larry David once said). It has an unusually high cure rate but […]