Acquihires – A Clarification

I was misquoted by Silicon Alley Insider yesterday. They corrected it. The original headline was disgusting, and antithetical to what I said and what we believe. I was embarrassed to have my name near it. I thought their correction was the end of it. But there are still old versions being syndicated through other channels […]

What We Look For

I wrote this on 12/8/11. Just moving over to Like many investors, we often get asked “what we look for” when evaluating startups. I recently did an interview (humblebrag) with Tarang Shah for his new book, “Venture Capitalists at Work” where he asked me that question. (Incidentally the book is a great read to […]

My .02 on VC seed money

Seth Levine wrote about one wrinkle to the “VC Seed Signaling Problem.” The crux is that some founders actually ignore or cut out the VCs who invest in seed financings. We’ve seen this happen at SV Angel too. This is probably the worst possible outcome. Not only is the VC not “value add”, they are […]

All companies should follow @twitter

SV Angel is an investor in Twitter. Many friends work there. My best friend (@gracelee) works there. I have never been more proud to be involved with Twitter than today. Today they announced the Innovator’s Patent Agreement. It is a radical statement against the patent trolls and the damage they’ve inflicted on the tech industries. […]


Recently we’ve seen more entrepreneurs invest in startups. They run their company and invest in others at the same time. An old colleague from Google, Brian Axe, calls them ‘angepreneurs.’ This isn’t a new trend but definitely one that has ramped up. I have mixed feelings about this. I learned from Ron Conway that “dabbling” […]