Welcome Back, Coach

I am thrilled to welcome (back) Brian Pokorny to SV Angel! He will join as a General Partner starting today.

Many people in the tech community already know Brian, a.k.a. “Coach”. He was most recently the CEO of DailyBooth/Batch, a startup that was acquired by AirBnB.

Prior to DailyBooth, Brian and I worked with Ron as partners for SV Angel on investment decisions and adding value to portfolio companies. Thus he is stepping back into a familiar role. However, he returns with a wealth of operational and startup knowledge from his 3 years at a startup. This experience will be invaluable insight for our portfolio founders. Many of the best young founders will already attest that he’s become a true “Coach” and trusted advisor to many entrepreneurs.

Brian has been angel investing since 2006 and reviewing investment opportunities since 2004. Having seen so many opportunities, he has unique insight into the trends and cycles related to the Internet. Some of his personal angel investments include Twitter, Square, OMGPOP, Milo, Chomp, Tweetdeck, Circle, Bump, Posterous, Milk, Couple, Elepath, and MessageMe.

On a personal note, I’ve known Brian since 2005 and we became friends through working together at Google. And so it is great for me to do business with a friend. Welcome back, “Coach”!


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